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marxist_slash's Journal

Marxist Slash
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This is a community for people who write Marxist Slash. The rules are pretty lenient:

1) "Slash" is typically defined as a fanfic with homosexual sexings, be they male/male or female/female (aka "femmeslash"). Since I realise not everybody fits into either "male" or "female" (biologically or mentally), any sexings are technically OK, though non-hetero sexings are encouraged.

2) No anti-Marxist slash. Save it for another community or it will get deleted and you'll most likely end up banned. And you know, I don't care if the Communists that you decide to make gay are distinctly Marxist, either. I really don't. This community is already kind of goofy. Just keep in mind: "National Socialism", ie The Nazi Party, IS NOT Socialism! (Though if you want to write a story about how Hitler was gang-raped by Jewish Communists, that will get a gold star.)

3) Don't take this shit too seriously. Please. I don't care if you're a hardcore Socialist activist or generally apolitical and just writing this for shits and giggles. If somebody criticises your piece, just shrug it off. To critics: Don't take this shit too seriously. People are likely to get inaccuracies in their character histories to make Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin gay or make Shulamith Firestone get it on with Frederick Engels. This is hardly a serious community, so if you're going to criticise something, try and keep it to stuff like in-story continuity or grammatical atrocities.

4) The moderator is here to keep the peace and nothing more. You can help keep the peace by refraining from using and racist or sexist language; but since we're writing porn here, until further notice any "*ist language" will be defined as anything that gets serious complaints from 1/3 of the community members or more. This definition will be tweaked and re-defined as the community grows (but I don't expect it to grow that much, since I doubt there are that many Socialists who can take a joke like I can.

Real writers are encouraged to join, though I understand if you won't.